Public Comment – Clinical Practice Guideline: Evaluation of the Neck Mass in Adults

Monday, January 30th - Monday, February 13th  

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A draft of the newly developed Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG): Evaluation of the Neck Mass in Adults is now available for public comment. The comment period will run from noon ET on Monday, January 30th through 11:59 PM ET, Monday, February 13th. During this time, members of the public are encouraged to review the guideline and provide comments. While the goal of this phase is to obtain public comment, we also encourage other stakeholders to participate, if they so desire. The purpose of the comment period is to ensure that all stakeholders have an opportunity to review the guideline recommendations, action statement profiles, and supporting text prior to publication.

Please remember that this guideline is intended for anyone who may be the first clinician whom a patient with a neck mass encounters. This includes clinicians in primary care, denistry, and emergency medicine, as well as specialists in pathology and radiology who have a role in HNSCC diagnosis. The target population for the guideline is aged 18 years and older with a neck mass. This guideline does not apply to children.

We ask non-healthcare professionals, specifically, to pay close attention to the evidence profile of each action statement. Action statement profiles contain information regarding the role of patient preferences, benefit/harm assessment, and intentional vagueness, which may be most relevant to members of the public.

To participate in the public comment, users must agree not to distribute or share the draft guideline with any other individuals or organizations prior to the official publication of the guideline, and must disclose any conflicts of interest. Following conflict of interest disclosure, a PDF of the guideline document will then become available, and users will receive a link to the comment page.

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