COCLIA represents more than ten years of collaboration. I gratefully acknowledge the many people who have contributed to the content and design of the program. First among them is Dr. Sheri Slezak. She had developed a similar education program and allowed us to extrapolate her concepts and teaching tool to otolaryngology. Also, many thanks to the residents and faculty from numerous academic programs and societies who provided insightful suggestions over the years. 

The gracious contributions of the AAO-HNSF Education Committee members who volunteered expertise, time, and resources towards the growth and improvement of this program is greatly appreciated. Finally, I thank the AAO-HNSF for understanding and supporting this effort to improve resident education.

Sincerely, Sonya Malekzadeh, MD

Many thanks to all who volunteered to make this program a success!

 Cristina Baldassari, MD  Eric M. Gessler, MD  Devyani Lal, MD  John W. Seibert, MD
 Matthew T. Brigger, MD  Benoit J. Gosselin, MD  Catherine R. Lintzenich, MD  Brent A. Senior, MD
 David J. Brown, MD  James A. Hadley, MD  Lawrence R. Lustig, MD  Jeffrey P. Simons, MD
 Kenny H. Chan, MD  Grant S. Hamilton, III, MD  Peter Manes, MD  Richard V. Smith, MD
 Sukgi S. Choi, MD  Clinton D. Humphrey, MD  Johnathan D. McGinn, MD  Brendan C. Stack, MD
 Daniel H. Coelho, MD  Brandon Isaacson, MD  Anna H. Messner, MD  Michael E. Stadler, MD
 Vasu Divi, MD  Paul J. Jones, MD  Matthew O. Old, MD  Marc C. Thorne, MD
 Timothy D. Doerr, MD  Benjamin L. Judson, MD  Eunice E. Park, MD, MPH  Elizabeth H. Toh, MD
 Fred G. Fedok, MD  Bradley W. Kesser, MD  Maria T. Pena, MD  Richard W. Waguespack, MD
 Adam J. Folbe, MD  Daniel J. Kirse, MD  Karen T. Pitman, MD  Preston D. Ward, MD
 Kevin Fung, MD  Dennis H. Kraus, MD  Joseph Scharpf, MD  Barry L. Wenig, MD, MPH